We’re back with more Christmas ideas!

We’re back with more Christmas ideas!

Did your toddler have fun making the Christmas craft ideas we had suggested in our previous blog? We hope you are all set to celebrate Christmas. Well, we are back with more suggestions to engage your preschooler. But this time we have included a couple of snack ideas which you can try with your toddler.

Without any further delay, let’s get into it!

1. Strawberry Santa

This is going to be an exciting experience for your child. The process is easy and quick. You will need
● Strawberries
● Chocolate chips
● Whipped cream
● Child friendly knife
You may ask your child to cut the strawberries using a child friendly knife. Make it into a sandwich with whipped cream. Add chocolate chips as eyes and finish it off with some whipped cream on top of Santa’s hat. An easy and healthy snack that can be made by your child for this Christmas!

2. Christmas tree chocolate cake

Christmas is not complete without some cakes! We are sure you are already planning on baking some delicious plum cakes this festive season. If you are baking, you may try this Christmas tree idea. You may involve your toddler in baking, getting their help in measuring, mixing, and decorating the cake. You will need:
● Cake- baked or got readymade
● Gems chocolate
● Whipped cream (colored if possible)
● Sprinkles
● Popsicle stick
● Icing sugar
Cut the cake into slices. Your child can decorate it like a christmas tree with gems, sprinkles, whipped cream, and icing sugar. Fix it on a popsicle stick and let them savor it!

3. Snowman Cookie

How can we forget snowmen, reindeer and elves during Christmas?! This is a fun activity which you can do with your preschooler. You will need:
● Cookies- baked or got readymade
● Sugar cookie icing
● Chocolate chips
● Chocolate bars for snowman hat
● Stick sprinkles for nose
Your child can decorate the cookie with sugar cookie icing and make the face and melted body of the snowman. Add two chocolate chips for eyes and sprinkle for the nose. A piece of chocolate can be kept as a hat, and you have a snowman cookie!

4. Fruit Candy Cane

Let’s use the seasonal fruits to make candy canes. This is a healthy snack which can be made in five minutes! You will need:
● Banana
● Strawberries
● Child friendly knife
Your toddler can cut the banana and strawberries into slices. They can arrange them alternatively to form a candy cane. This would help them understand the concept of patterns too!

We hope you enjoy making these Christmas snacks with your preschooler! Children look forward to new experiences, and as their caregivers we should make sure we are giving them ample opportunities to profound and memorable experiences. Let’s make this Christmas extra special for them!

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