How to engage your preschooler at home?

How to engage your preschooler at home?

Engaging a preschooler at home can be challenging, especially when both parents are juggling their personal and professional life. We tend to forget that children can be engaged with random things they find in the environment. They are curious and inquisitive. As their caregivers, it is our responsibility to cater to this curiosity and inquisitiveness.
Now, how to go about this is the next question! Children love to take responsibility and they feel empowered and important when they are given chores to do. Here are some simple and easy ways to engage your child at home.
●Arranging the table with table mats, plates, and glasses. This is a great way to begin. This helps a child in developing spatial understanding, symmetry, and table etiquette
●Wash fruits and vegetables and dry them with a napkin. Through this engagement, children learn the names of fruits and vegetables. Math concepts like counting and sorting can be also introduced with this activity
●Cutting fruits and vegetables with child-friendly knives. Children love this! When they are a part of the preparation, they tend to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables more. This gives them an understanding of how to use different pressures to cut different fruits and vegetables. It helps them to develop their fine motor skills and bring in more controlled hand movement
●Hanging clothes to dry. You can provide a clothesline at your child’s height level on which they can hang clothes to dry. You may start with napkins, small towels and their clothes which aren’t very heavy. You can choose wooden cloth pegs which are challenging for them to clip. This helps them in strengthening their finger muscles hence preparing them for a good pincer grip
●Folding clothes. This is an activity that needs patience and focus. This helps them develop logical thinking and symmetry. You can try different folds like triangular folds for napkins, square folds with towels, and so on
●Transferring water with cups. You may provide your child with one cup filled with water and one empty cup. They can transfer water from one cup to another. This process can be repeated as long as they want. This focuses on developing control of their hand movement
●Transferring grains from one bowl to another. You may use rice or lentils for this activity. This is also focused on developing their fine motor skills and pincer grip
●Transferring pulses from one bowl to another using a spoon.. You may use chana or rajma for this activity. This helps in controlling their hand movement
●Making chapati dough and using a rolling pin to make chapati. This is a sensorial activity and children love it! They love mixing flour with water and making dough. They can take small balls of dough and make chapatis. This strengthens their finger muscles
These are just some of the activities that you may start with. You may improvise them and come up with your own! You don’t need any extra materials to conduct these. You just need to make use of the resources available at home and engage your preschooler!

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