Let’s welcome the holiday season!

Let’s welcome the holiday season!

Christmas is around the corner and the festive season is setting in right! Your preschoolers’ holiday must have started and you must be already thinking about how to keep them engaged at home through the break! As we always say, we have got you covered!

Remember the mantra, involve your children in all the processes. Be it making or buying gifts for family or baking a cake for the season. Christmas is all about celebrating life and expressing your love and regards for friends and family by showering them with gifts! Even though we know that Santa is fictitious, we adults also feel thrilled at the thought of Santa sending us gifts with his little elves!

So this week’s blog is all about making some gifts with your preschoolers! There is so much more fun in making a gift from scratch than buying something readymade. These engagements would help the child understand the importance of gifting and caring for one another. The below-mentioned workpieces can be either gifted to someone or your child can keep them for themselves.

Alright, let’s get started!

1. Greeting Cards!

No matter which century we are in, greeting cards never get old. They have always ruled the market during the festive seasons. Whatever gift we make/buy, it feels incomplete without a greeting card or at least a handwritten note to your beloved. Here are some ideas to make Christmas cards with your preschooler.

This card will need just some leftover glitter sheets, color sheets, a star, and some sequins. Your child can fold the paper and make it into a card. Then decorate the front with available resources. They can draw some messages inside and you may scribe for them!

You will need color sheets, pom poms, ribbons, and writing materials. This engagement would challenge their fine motor skills by sticking the pom poms in a circle. You may draw a circle on the paper, making it a little easier for your toddler.

2. Their own cute Christmas tree!

This festive season you can model to your children sustainability by making the right choices! Natural materials look more elegant and authentic than your ready-made tree decorations. I know it is hard to let go of all the pretty bobbles and candy canes, but maybe you can bring in a few such decorations so that you implant a thought in your preschooler about sustainability.

All you need is some twigs from your garden and a thick strip of paper or a popsicle stick. You may use fevicol to stick the sticks on the paper. This engagement would give them a chance to explore the mathematical concept of ascending and descending order.

3. Chimes

When we talk about sustainability, we should be looking at options to reuse trash at home. If you can find old keys, CDs, and coils, for instance, you can make a pretty chime.

Your child can paint them and hang them on a rod/ stick and make it into a chime. This would provide them with a new experience of painting on different textures. This can be a 2-3 days process.

4. How about a different Christmas tree?

Imagine your child is seeing the Christmas tree put up and you are decorating it with hangings. Through this process, they are only being a spectator, and naturally, they will lose interest in decorating the tree. How about we make a tree with them and they can decorate it with the things they want to hang out?!

All you need is sticks, rope, cinnamon sticks, stars, dried tangerine/orange slices, and some decorations. Let’s make it the traditional way and children will love this process.! You can ask your child to hang string lights at the end!

Stay tuned for more Christmas ideas! Let us know which engagement did your child enjoy the best!

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