Cotton it is!

Cotton it is!

It is observed that climate plays a major role in choosing your fabrics and clothing. We are living in a time where there is a new kind of fabric being created every other day! From the good old cotton to fabric made of hemp, options are vast and as a consumer, it can be challenging to make the right choice, especially when it comes to your child’s clothing!

When a baby is born we make sure that they are wrapped in the softest material available. I have seen how my niece and nephew were wrapped in my grandma’s pure cotton handloom mundu(dhoti). Cotton has always been the first option. They are soft on a newborn’s skin and can be washed and maintained easily.

Children can be very picky when it comes to what to wear. They generally don’t like things poking or scratching them. Cotton is very comfortable for children and they are suitable for all the weather conditions. Cotton is a breathable material that helps your child play and moves around in utmost comfort!

Apart from all these factors, cotton is a sustainable material. We should definitely consider the future of our environment and make responsible decisions! We know that you are all aware of these facts, but sometimes we all need tiny reminders to prioritize our comfort!

Now, did you know that there are a lot of activities your preschooler can do with cotton fabric?! Here are a few that you can try hassle-free!

1) Fabric Dyeing

This is so much fun! There are many techniques by which you can do this. You may use natural dye from vegetables/fruits or use fabric paint. You may boil the cotton fabric with the vegetable/fruit to dye the fabric entirely or use a pipette to drop the paint to form unique patterns. You can also try folding the fabric and dropping paint in a pattern. Your child would enjoy this a lot! You can first try this on handkerchiefs or towels and then move to t-shirts!

2) Textile Collage

This is yet another engaging activity that would bring out your child’s creativity. You will need an embroidery loop or hard cardboard to stretch the cotton fabric before sticking. Use cut pieces of fabric, buttons, wool, patches, and so on to stick on cotton fabric. You can use Fevicryl fabric glue for the same. Your child may also use sequins and stones to make a beautiful collage. This can be an addition to one of their t-shirts or frocks!

3) Drawing and painting on fabric

This is a simple yet creative engagement. Stick the cotton fabric onto hard cardboard. Your child can use permanent markers to draw representations on the fabric. Later they can paint the same with fabric paint or watercolors. You can also try using acrylic paint, which is fairly permanent on fabric.
We hope you liked these engagements and let us know which one your child liked the most!

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