Diwali craft

Diwali craft

An easy Diwali craft for your preschooler!

The festival of lights is here! Diwali is one of the festivals celebrated by Indians across borders. It is that time of the year when families get together and make this occasion a memorable one!

Children are always curious and wish to know the ‘why’ of everything. Now, how to explain the history behind a festival to a child in a neutral way is always a question! As we all know, Diwali is the celebration of good over evil as Rama conquered Ravana. But this can come across to a child in a negative way. They will start to condition their understanding of good and evil. No, no, no. Let’s not go there! Instead, let’s talk along these lines.

Diwali is an Indian festival.

It is the story of a King who chose to do the right thing for everyone around him.

We celebrate Diwali with lights, firecrackers, rangoli, and sweets!

Such festivals remind us of all the fun we have with our families.

It’s a time filled with joy and hope!

Involving your preschooler in the festive preparations can be a challenge! But, how about we provide you with an easy Diwali firework DIY?

Here are the materials required to make the same.

1) Tissue paper roll

2) Paint and paintbrush

3) Sequins/stickers/glitter powder to decorate

4) Fevicol (if required)

5) Coloured paper

6) Child-friendly scissors

7) Strings/skewers

First, you may ask your child to paint the tissue paper roll. Painting helps them to understand materials better, through their senses. Once that’s done, you may keep it aside to dry.

(Oh, make sure your child is wearing an apron and an outdoor space would be the best if painting usually gets messy!)

Next, ask the child to cut strips of colored paper. This is a great way to develop their hand-eye coordination and strengthen their fine motor skills.

Once that’s cut, the child can stick those strips at the bottom of the tissue paper roll painted previously.

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